Slack Notifications from Stunning

Here's how to get important events from Stunning pushed into Slack.

Stunning helps companies on Stripe to keep their customers when payments fail. It is a full fledged communications platform that notifies customers when their payments are failing in multiple ways so that they can keep their billing information up to date. It also includes features such as Smart Retries that recover revenue automatically.

Stunning can send important events (such as when your Stripe customers go delinquent, or when a delinquent customer updates their billing information and is charged) right into the Slack group of your choice, like this:

Here's how to connect Stunning to Slack:

1. Log into your Stunning account.

2. Go to your App Settings.

3. Look under the Slack section, and click on Notifications.

4. Click the Add To Slack button, and follow the instructions.

Once you're connected, you'll be returned to your App Settings, and you'll be able to configure your alerts.

5. That's it! Enjoy being notified in real-time when important billing-related events happen!