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We dedicate most of our time to finding new ways to help you keep more of your hard earned revenue. That focus leads us to create features that no one else is even thinking about.


Failed Payment Recovery Features

Stunning does more than anyone else to help you fight failed payments, period.

Backup Payment Methods

What if failed charges were immediately resolved, automatically? Proactively offer customers a way to add a backup payment method to their account. If a payment fails, Stunning switches their credit card to the backup and charges it. It's basically failed payment insurance.

Abandonment Emails

Sometimes customers start updating their billing information and get distracted. If they abandon their payment page, we help you to follow up with them automatically.

In-App Notification Bar

When a card is about to expire, or a customer has a failed payment, Stunning can let them know inside of your app. In-app notifications are even more effective than emails, because your customer is already engaged with your app when they see the notification.

Dunning SMSes

Having multiple ways to contact your customers when payments fail is essential. Stunning lets you also send SMSes to your customers when payments fail, with links that let them directly update their billing information. Don't have cell numbers for your customers? We can even help you collect them.

Smart Retries

Some failed payments can be collected successfully if you just retry them at the right time. With Smart Retries, Stunning goes beyond Stripe's retries. It intelligently retries your failed payments at times that have the best chance of recovering revenue, based on your customer base and what's best for your particular app. It does it over a maximum of 21 days, for maximum recovery potential.

Dunning Emails

When a customer has a billing issue, Stunning sends fully customizable emails to them and lets them know what the issue is so that they can fix it and keep their subscription active. For maximum revenue recovery, you can vary the contents of your email based on how many failed payment attempts have been made.

Cancellation/Marked Unpaid Emails

Send an email when a subscription is marked unpaid or cancelled due to too many failed payments. This is one of the most important failed payment emails that you can send, because some customers won't update their billing information until there are consequences.

Payment Update Pages

Stunning provides secure payment update pages with Apple Pay, Pay With Google and Payment Request API support. We link to them in your dunning emails, so that your users can easily update their payment info without logging in. You can even use them on your own domain.

Unpaid Reactivation

If a customer is marked unpaid and they update their billing information, Stunning will reactivate their subscription and charge them for a configurable amount of their past due payments, bringing their account up to date automatically.

Unpaid Sequence

After a customer has been marked unpaid, send them a sequence of emails over a longer period of time to win them back.

Slack Notifications

Have real-time notifications pushed directly into the Slack channel of your choice when customers go delinquent, when they update their billing info and are successfully charged, when the dunning process is unsuccessful, or when emails bounce so that your team can follow up personally.

Pre-Dunning Emails

Shortly before credit cards expire, Stunning attempts to automatically update the billing information for them. If it's unsuccessful, it sends a series of emails to your customers on your behalf, so that they can update their billing information before a payment fails. This keeps your cash-flow on track, because you end up with less failed payments.

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Account Visibility

See what's actually happening with your payments, in detail.

Recovery Stats

See how much we've recovered overall, how much we've recovered each month, which customers are still within the recovery process, and which you need to follow up with personally.

Overall Events

See every important event that's happened recently in your Stunning & Stripe accounts, from failed payments to successful charges and everything in between.

Customers In Danger

See customers with expiring cards, which helps you to get a handle on potential revenue loss before it happens.

Cancelled and Updated

When customer subscriptions are cancelled due to failed payments, sometimes they come along later and update their billing info. Since they no longer have a subscription, we can't automatically reactivate it, but we let you know when it happens so you can!

Recovery Breakdowns

We show you revenue recovery for every month you've used Stunning. Every failed payment, every recovery, and even which recovery methods are working best for you. You can even break stats down to the plan level.

Payment Page Events

See when customers visit their payment pages, and when they update their billing information.

Card Update Emails

Receive email notifications when any customer updates their billing information. If they're delinquent, we'll point it out for you!

Weekly Report

Get a list of every failed payment and recovery for the past week in your inbox, so you know what's going on without even having to log in to Stunning.

Email Tracking

See if your emails are actually getting opened.

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Customer Lifecycle Emails

We do more than just help to recover failed payments. Stunning helps you to communicate with your customers from the moment that their subscription begins.

Welcome Emails

Have a custom email sent when a customer starts their subscription.

Trial Expiration Emails

When a customer's trial period is ending, remind them that they are about to be charged. Make sure that they get full use out of their trial period.

Fully Customizable Receipt Emails

Easily send your customers fully customizable plain-text or HTML receipts each time they are charged. Use your own templates, for consistent branding.

Upcoming Charge Emails

Reduce chargebacks by sending a reminder email to your customers before they are charged.

Manual Cancellation Emails

Send an email to your customer as a confirmation that their subscription has been successfully cancelled when they click a link to cancel, or you cancel their subscription for them from your Stripe dashboard.

Refund Emails

Have a confirmation email sent to your customers when you refund charges.

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Customer Tools

Help your customers to help themselves.

Billing History

Show your customers a history of all of their previous charges and refunds.

Subscription Management

Let your customers switch between plans or cancel their subscriptions themselves.

Self-Serve Receipts

Customers can view receipts for any of their previous charges in their browser and download PDFs of them if they'd like.

Pricing for every stage of your business

Just starting out? Have lots of customers? Either way, Stunning scales with you.

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On average, Stunning customers recover 10 to 30 times more than they pay us. You could recover between $1,000 and $3,000 (or more) per month!

"As a small business owner, I was craving automation to be able to support my customers if their payments failed or they wanted to upgrade their services. I can now do all of this automatically with Stunning. Their service pays for itself."

Asya Watkins

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"I can’t believe how easy Stunning makes it for me to keep my members... thank you!"

Sherry Lee Woycik

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"You take the pain away!"

Russ Dhooge

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"We are now getting many billing updates automatically. This is magic 🙂. Thanks!"

Thibaut Camberlin

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